Tesco Clubcard ‘Secret Scan-ta’: Tried & Tested

By Alex Spencer

Tesco Santa

We hear a lot about how social data can be used to pinpoint exactly what products a person would want to buy, but it’s rare that consumers get a chance to see the results of such an algorithm for themselves.

Meet Tesco’s ‘Secret Scan-ta’, a web app that’s been created by We Are Social to help push the supermarket’s Clubcard Christmas Point promotion. Users enter the Twitter handle of a friend on their Christmas list and ‘Scan-ta’ chooses a gift for them based on their Twitter interests.

It’s not clear how refined or random the selection of products is. Searching for the same person twice doesn’t seem to produce the same result, and cycling through the alternative selections quickly starts to repeat the same few items – there are a few items in particular, like eau de toilette, which seem to be a fall-back option no matter who you pick.

By and large, though, the selections are accurate enough to make the process feel worthwhile. Seeing a superhero-themed onesie pop up when you pick a comics-loving friend does feel like a small display of technological wizardry.

The site is well optimised for mobile and easy to use, except for a couple of small bumps, …read more

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