The Big Issue: Ad Blocking

By Alex Spencer

ABP before after

Each week in July, we’ll be taking one of the four biggest issues in mobile advertising right now – ad blocking, viewability, ad fraud and brand safety – and examining it close up. For everything you ever wanted to know about ad blocking but were too afraid to ask, read on.

Up until now, ad blocking hasn’t been a major problem on mobile. The technology has its roots on desktop, where AdBlock Plus started life as a Firefox browser extension in 2006, and it’s largely stayed there.

There were 144m monthly active users of ad blockers in Q2 2014, according to a report from Adobe and PageFair – but barely any of those were on mobile. According to an IAB UK report released today, only 19 per cent of Brits ad block users have it set up on their smartphone or tablet.

“At the moment, the vast majority of this behaviour is on desktop,” says Pagefair CEO Sean Blanchfield. “99 per cent of traffic we work with is desktop, because that’s where the ad blocking is.”

In the past couple of months, however, we’ve seen everyone from Apple to MNOs threatening to turn on ad blocking on mobile. So just how …read more

Source:: Mobile App News