The Big Issue: Viewability

By Alex Spencer

eye viewability

Each week in July, we’ll be taking one of the four biggest issues in mobile advertising right now – ad blocking, viewability, ad fraud and brand safety – and examining it close up. In this second article in the series, we explain everything you ever wanted to know about viewability but were too afraid to ask.

For a long time, the impression has been the meat and potatoes of digital ad measurement. But as the market matures, it’s become increasingly apparent that merely measuring whether an ad is served isn’t enough.

According to Google, 56 per cent of display ad impressions, and 46 per cent of non-YouTube video ads, are never actually seen by a user. Things are better on mobile – only 17 per cent of video ads on smartphones go unseen, while a Celtra study found that 37 per cent of mobile display ads are never viewed, compared to 45 per cent on desktop – but they’re still far from perfect.

For this reason, advertisers are keen to move to what are known as viewable impressions. This means they only pay for ads that are actually visible on the user’s screen, rather than any which are rendered but …read more

Source:: Mobile App News