The Guardian, CNN and more Partner for Ad Alliance

By Tim Maytom

pangaea publishers logo combined

Top publishers including The Guardian, CNN International, Reuters, The Economist and the Financial Times have teamed up to form an advertising alliance in the hope that their combined scale will make them a competitor to Google, Facebook and other social media sites.

The alliance, called Pangaea after the supercontinent that existed around 100m years ago, will pool the publisher’s collected audience of around 110m readers worldwide so that advertisers can buy space across every network in a single transaction.

Pangaea will also involve the partners sharing their first-party data with advertisers, offering marketers the ability to understand the cross-publisher audience like never before, and to deliver hyper-targeted campaigns.

The alliance will launch in beta next month, with programmatic ad tech company Rubicon Project acting as a delivery platform. Initially the project will be run by a central team from across the various publishers involved, but once it leaves beta, it will be managed by a separate sales team.

“As the world becomes more complex and networked, Pangaea will give advertisers one single programmatic solution from driving influence at scale, allowing them to get cut-through in an increasingly fragmented market using the latest ad serving …read more

Source:: Mobile App News