The Innovation Lab: A Look Ahead at Mobile Marketing Life

By Tim Maytom

Kovert Designs

If you’ve been to one of our events, you’ll know that our Innovation Lab hosts companies presenting cutting-edge technology that’s poised to transform the market with groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

At our upcoming flagship event, Mobile Marketing Life, we’re hosting three such companies who will be demonstrating how they’re using technology to create smart, original solutions and products.

Ericsson Connected Paper

Communications company Ericsson will be demonstrating their Connected Paper product, which incorporates a paper-thin battery, chip and antenna into labelling, packages or more.

Consumers who touch Connected Paper products transmit a signal through their bodies which can be interpreted by their smartphone or tablet, triggering it to look up a webpage, open up data relating to the package, or play a video.

Connected Paper has massive implications for a huge number of industries, from medicine packaging that transmits detailed instructions to clothing labels that recommend matching accessories.

Kovert Designs Fashion Technology

Kovert Designs focuses on integrating technology with fashion in a way that augments consumers lives while remaining stylish and contemporary.

Its first line will be released in time for Christmas 2014, and is a range of smart designer rings, bracelets and necklaces with …read more

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