The Internet of Things Explained

By Mobile Marketing

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At its most basic, the Internet of Things (IoT) consists of billions of devices connected to the internet, including PCs, smartphones, fridges, security systems, baby monitors and cars. Many devices will be wearable, like health monitors, activity trackers, smartwatches and smart glasses.

Gartner estimates that there were 2.5bn devices connected to the internet in 2009, but this will reach 30bn by 2020 – and generate some $1.9trn (£1.13trn) profit for companies investing in this sector. We talk about big data today, but the IoT will create even greater quantities, with the potential to enable marketers to forge even stronger relationships with their clients and consumers.

The Internet of What?
“In 2014, 2bn core internet devices will be sold worldwide,” explains Juergen Boyn, global director of consumer electronics for market research firm GfK. While 1.2bn of these sales will be smartphones, Boyn says, internet connectivity is also coming to many home appliances, including bathroom scales and coffee machines, as well as consumer electronics. A third of all flat-screen TVs and over …read more

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