The Scientific Approach to Mobile Advertising

By David Murphy

Integral Ads Jason Cooper

MM: So Jason the area you work in, around integrity in mobile advertising if that works as a catch-all term, is very hot right now. How did you end up here?

JC: Yes we deliver media quality for brands and agencies around ad fraud – is your ad being seen by a human? Viewability – is it in view in the mobile browser or app? And brand safety – is the place where it is appearing appropriate for the brand?

We do this for display, video and mobile, and mobile is the most recent addition to our portfolio. It came about through Integral Ad Science’s purchase of Simplytics 16 months ago. Simplytics was an agency-side ad server for mobile that was built to do better job of ad serving and analytics, for brands and agencies. Most agencies have a Google DFA-type (DoubleClick For Advertisers) product, but the challenge is that it’s built around a URL/cookie. Then apps turn up and it falls over, so we thought we could do a better job.

The issues on mobile started out three years ago with viewability initially. Ads go through a lifecycle. In display, you had good bandwidth, Flash worked, ads loaded quickly, so there was …read more

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