The Trillion Euro Question: Whose data is it anyway?

By Kirsty Styles

Privacy copy

It may feel like an age since Ed Snowden made his revelations about US and UK Government spying last year, but the issue of balancing security and privacy continues largely unresolved. Now, a film documenting the NSA contractor’s first interviews with journalists, CITIZENFOUR, has hit UK cinemas, and GCHQ has a new head who says tech companies are facilitating terrorism. A perfect time to take another look at data security in the industry, something we covered in detail in the June issue of our print magazine…

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has called indiscriminate smartphone tracking “the biggest debate of the 21st century”, while Chi Onwurah MP, former head of telecoms technology at Ofcom and now leader of Labour’s digital government review, told Mobile Marketing that “mobile is the next big security scandal waiting to happen”.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is currently suing the US government for its role in mass surveillance, as well as advocating a Fair Data equivalent to the Fair Trade mark for companies. Speaking at an event staged by The Economist earlier in the year, Christopher Soghoian from the ACLU levelled blame at the ad execs who built the big data marketing …read more

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