The Value of Attention

By David Murphy

Pandora Eric Hoppe

Eric Hoppe, lead ad product manager at Pandora, applauds the FT’s launch of the Cost Per Hour advertising metric.

Thank you, Financial Times, for giving the advertising industry a new metric and trading currency. This week, the FT unveiled cost per hour, or CPH, a much-needed and more meaningful alternative to measuring ad performance based on clicks.

It also provides advertisers a direct way of buying what they want: consumer attention, rather than buying on a CPM basis – known as cost per thousand (mille), which has been the primary way to buy advertising since the dawn of the online era.

Successful pilot
The CPH metric, rolled out after a successful pilot project, is designed to measure what we intuitively know: advertisers shouldn’t have to pay the same for an ad that someone barely notices as they pay for one that captures a consumer’s attention for a significant length of time.

It doesn’t matter that the new metric came from a news organization that’s been printing on paper since 1884 (on pink paper, no less!). The important thing is that the FT has the killer combination for today’s attention economy – great content, simple access, and mobile optimization.

Mobile is especially crucial because people …read more

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