Tip.ly App Lets you Tip with a Photograph

By Tim Maytom


Mobile startup Tip.ly‘s app gives users a novel solution to the problem of how to tip someone in an increasingly cash-free world – by taking a photo.

The app enables users to link a bank account or credit card to it, then take a photo of someone they wish to tip using it. The app uses facial recognition to search its database of users photos for a match, then delivers your tip to the appropriate person. The app also includes a feature that lets users browse for other registered users nearby.

Crucially, the recipient doesn’t need to be registered at the time the photo is taken for the system to work – they have 14 days to either download the app or register via the company’s website into order for the system to detect they have money waiting for them and make the payment to a nominated account.

While currently pitched at the tipping market, the system could easily be expanded into a photo-based payments system for sending money to friends or even businesses.

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Source:: Mobile App News