Twitter Begins Tracking iOS Users’ Apps

By Tim Maytom

twitter desk logo

Twitter has begun tracking which other apps are installed on iOS users’ phones, in order to build a “more tailored experience” for consumers, the social network has revealed.

The move comes as part of the company’s ‘App Graph’ program, and according to the company, will improve the relevance of promoted content shown to users, whether it is promoted Tweets, suggested users to follow or “interesting” Tweets inserted into timelines.

While Twitter’s announcement of the function focused on making “a more personal Twitter experience” for users, it seems inevitable that the app tracking feature will largely be used to target advertisements.

The function will be opt-out, meaning it will be automatically enabled, with users having to disable the app tracking within their settings, although there will be a prompt in users’ timelines letting them know that it has been rolled out to their device.

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Source:: Mobile App News