Twitter Gives Every Mobile User an Ad Dashboard

By Tim Maytom

twitter in-app ad dashboard

In its latest push to encourage people to make use of its advertising options, Twitter has added a prominent ‘Twitter Ads’ button to user profile pages on both its iOS and Android apps.

The button is found next to the ‘Edit Profile’ and ‘Settings’ buttons, and enables users to manage their Twitter ad campaigns through the main app, controlling budget, duration and other campaign settings from a smartphone.

However, the move has drawn a large number of complaints by Twitter users who have no interest in running an ad campaign, with many complaining that it is easily confused with an analytics button, and others claiming it is “ugly” and “desperate”.

Some of these criticisms will be hard for Twitter to argue with, and the decision to add an advertising management tool to every single user’s profile seems unlikely to result in a wave of new campaigns, particularly as ads cannot be launched through the new feature, only managed.

Earlier this year, Facebook enabled advertisers to control campaigns via their smartphone with a dedicated app, Facebook Ads Manager, which not only allowed users to track their campaign performance but also create ads via the app. Given the relatively simplicity of Twitter’s …read more

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