Twitter Opens up Direct Messages, but Users Question Wisdom

By Tim Maytom

A Twitter profile with Direct Messages enabled

A Twitter profile with Direct Messages enabled

Twitter has announced plans to change how direct messages work on the social network, with a new feature enabling users to be privately messaged by anyone also using the service. Previously, the system only let private, one-to-one messages be sent between users who were mutually following each other.

The original system was put in place to cut down on both spam and harassment, but Twitter is changing that, enabling users to message each other in private without that initially expression of interest.

Twitter has tested this feature before in 2013, when it was removed quickly. However, users who tested it at the time lost the option to switch off the feature, and can still be privately messaged by anyone to this day.

This time, the feature will be opt-in, rather than automatic, and users will be able to opt-out from it ay any time. Twitter seems to intend the change to primarily enable individual users to have private conversations with brands and businesses.

“Previously, if you wanted to send a Direct Message to the ice cream shop down the street about how much you love their salted caramel flavour, you’d have to ask them to follow …read more

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