Twitter’s ‘Project Lightning’ Aims to Reshape Current Events

By Tim Maytom

Twitter Bird Logo IRL

While more photo- and video-based platforms have increased in popularity as social networks go, Twitter is still considered one of the best sources for real-time news and commentary on current events.

The company seems to be leaning into this strength with the revelation of its latest feature, ‘Project Lightning’, that will aim to bring a more curated and immersive experience to users looking to stay up-to-date on the latest events.

According to Buzzfeed, the feature won’t appear in Twitter’s traditional timeline format. Instead, within the Twitter app you’ll be able to press a button to be taken to the events screen, where a curated screen of instant-load photos and videos will cover the key news of the day, based on a what people are tweeting about.

The Project Lightning event pages, which might be based around prescheduled events like music festivals, awards shows or sporting events, or focus on breaking news like the Arab Spring or the events in Ferguson, Missouri, will be embeddable in other websites and even in other apps, enabling users and non-users alike to access them.

Users will also be able to follow events, blending the curated tweets into their traditional timeline of tweets so they …read more

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