Uber Challenges Boris Johnson to Debate Over London Taxi Policy

By Tim Maytom

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Uber has criticised plans by London Mayor Boris Johnson to cap the number of minicabs operating in London, challenging the controversial politician to a debate over the issue and claiming it has been shut out of the decision making process behind the proposals.

The Mayor of London has argued that the increasing number of minicabs in operation add to air pollution and cause congestion, as well as adding to the number of illegally parked vehicles, and that a limit to the number operating in the city would curb this.

Uber has hit back, stating that because it is not yet represented on the board of Transport for London and has been shut out of other industry bodies, it has been unable to directly challenge the policy, which would limit its scope to grow in the capital.

According to the Financial Times, Jo Bertram, regional general manager for the UK, Ireland & Nordics at Uber is seeking a chance to debate the issue with Johnson face to face, claiming that limiting licenses and jobs would not solve London’s traffic problems, and would only raise prices for consumers and force them back into their own cars.

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