Unpacking ‘Mobile First’ (Sponsored)

By Alex Spencer


Andrew Brandwood, head of front end development at Code Computerlove, takes a look at what the ‘mobile first’ approach really means, and how to make the most of it.

Mobile first is a term being used more and more by people in businesses for whom digital excellence is fundamental to commercial success.

Working in the digital industry, however, I hear a lot of contradictory talk about exactly what mobile first is, and why is it important. For that reason, I’m going to dispel a few myths about mobile first and discuss its fundamental benefit: creating amazing user experiences that improve business performance.

There are few doubters when it comes to the significance of mobile. Google has recently introduced measures that penalise websites within their rankings for not being ‘mobile friendly’ and, with 62 per cent of all internet traffic accessed via a mobile device, now is the time to consider your digital strategy and the importance of mobile if you haven’t already.

In light of Google’s move, many businesses are rushing to create tactical mobile solutions to pacify Google in a vain attempt to salvage their search rankings. But this approach is short-sighted and will only serve to create medium- and long-term user …read more

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