Urban Airship Adds In-app Campaign Solution

By David Murphy

Schneider: “The real opportunity is to turn your app into a personal assistant that knows what you’re looking for based on where you are on your journey with the brand.”

Urban Airship has unveiled major enhancements to its mobile app engagement platform, designed to enable businesses to easily deliver personally engaging experiences to their customers across in-app, outside apps, and on Apple Watch and Android Wear.

The first enhancement is an In-app Campaign solution that enables mobile marketers to create interactive messages that reach all app users. Campaign managers can create landing pages that feature interactivity; deep-links to app or mobile web pages; dynamic data tags for future segmentation; and conditional automation rules for triggered follow-on campaigns. In-app campaigns are shown immediately on app open and can be sent to the entire audience or targeted segments. Marketers can also send the same message as a push notification with controls to avoid message duplication, so users responding to notifications won’t also see the in-app campaign.

By managing and messaging users through their lifecycle with an app, the company says, mobile marketers can better affect their top challenge – the fact that 70 per cent of people no longer use apps 30 days …read more

Source:: Mobile App News