Use Social Media Tools for Meeting Prep

Social media may be used in a variety of ways to help you prepare for meetings.  Your preparation for meetings is often times simply making sure you know the lay of the land. If you’re meeting with a client,  potential client or referral source, you have to prepare if you’re serious about being referred into the best relationships.

social connectionUtilize this simple checklist as a way to prepare yourself with easy to obtain digital information.

The Meeting Prep Process

  1. Google your appointment by name and by company.

When you do so, you’ll end up with some links to follow in most cases.

2. Click the links allowing your access to individual posts, press releases, announcements, social media sites, and LinkedIn profiles.

*Take notes so you have a list of pertinent details regarding the individual or company.

3.  Pay particular attention to LinkedIn connections, Twitter connections, and Facebook connections. You’re looking for individuals you may know or follow that you have in common with the appointment you’re scheduled to meet.

4. Compare the intelligence you find with the information/data you already know about your top prospects or your most desired referrals. Knowing you have connections with your referral sources is important. Finding out your referral sources have connections to your most ideal clients is the ultimate in serious intelligence.

Advanced Tip:

Develop a mind map if you’d like a visual structure about each referral source. You may also use an excel spreadsheet method around this process as well.



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