Video and Photo Will Dominate Social by 2020

By Tim Maytom

YouTube Conchords

Sites like YouTube and Instagram are expected to overtake Twitter and Facebook as the dominant social media forces by the end of the decade, according to research by experts from the London School of Marketing (LSM).

Analysing growing trends in social media and the use of image and video sites among different demographics, researchers found that younger users were focusing on video and photo-based sites more than any other.

Among the 12-20 year old demographic, Instagram is the highest-rated social media network, ahead of both Twitter and Facebook. The researchers pointed to the prevalence of smartphones and the trend for social media to be increasingly image led as the main drivers of this shift.

YouTube remains the king of video content and sharing, with no obvious rival and around 1bn active users each month. 83 per cent of 12-20 year olds use it at least once a month, and even among consumers in their 70s, it sees 30 per cent monthly active user rates.

The Google-owned video network is being increasingly employed by advertisers and marketers looking to promote brands, but according to LSM experts, a successful YouTube presence requires relevance, engagement and consistency, which not every brand achieves.

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