Vodafone Partners with NHS for Improved Patient Care

By Tim Maytom

Nurse Health Stock

Vodafone has partnered with Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust to produce a mobile working solution that aims to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care in the community, supporting over 400 community nursing staff in their roles.

The mobile platform integrates the Trust’s patient record system to enable community teams in seven localities across the country to securely access and update patient records while in the field, as well as review critical data and policies from their mobile devices.

The system also provides healthcare workers with visual aids to talk their patients through treatment plans and equipment, and enables them to make informed decisions in real-time about the best course of care for patients, while improving efficiency enough to fit in two additional patient visits a day.

“While increasing efficiency is important, allowing our nurses to give the best possible patient care is our focus,” said Graham Softley, associate IT director of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. “Vodafone’s software solution has enabled us to provide a reliable, secure system to support our community staff.

“Regardless of their technical ability or knowledge, they are now able to access key information whilst visiting patients in the community or their own homes.”

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