Watching Brief

By David Murphy

icracked Wolf Kolb

Wolf Kolb, UK MD at iCracked, looks at the enterprise opportunities offered by the Apple Watch.

The launch of the Apple Watch has everyone discussing the potential impact on consumers. It’s clear that the wearable is designed to streamline our digital existences, easing the way we interact with our devices and reducing tech fatigue common to today’s modern consumer. However, very few have discussed its use in the workplace and the possibilities it opens up for businesses.

At iCracked, we have just launched our Apple Watch app for business. It provides our iTechs (iPhone repair technicians) with an immediate notification of nearby jobs and the ability to speedily claim them, schedule meetings with customers, take notes, check inventory to make sure parts are available, and log the completed repair.
Like many on-demand businesses, iCracked works on speed of response in order to ensure quick customer fulfilment and the Apple Watch will clearly help in boosting customer service.

Widespread adoption
If the success of the iPhone is anything to go by, adoption of the Apple Watch will be widespread in a matter of months and businesses need to act fast to take advantage of the opportunity this provides. The launch of the Apple …read more

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