Wear Next?: Four Innovative Technologies Coming Our Way in 2015

By Alex Spencer

Cropped BitBite

Earlier this month, I headed out to the BitBite
Price: $159
Launch: June 2015

Ahead of the Apple Watch launch, activity trackers are without doubt the most successful form of wearable technology we’ve seen so far.

But while they do a great job of monitoring the user’s exercise regime and the calories they’re burning, they’re not so good at tracking the calories the person is taking in. Most trackers’ companion apps enable users to manually input the type and amount of food they’ve eaten, but this process is time-consuming and doesn’t offer any particularly rich data.

Enter BitBite, a nutrition tracker worn in the user’s ear that analyses chewing sounds to calculate how much food the user has eaten. This still requires some manual effort, though, as the user has to select the foodstuff – although this can be done via voice commands. More importantly, they have to remember to actually put the tracker, which is stored in a clip or wristband between uses, into their ear.

This is used to populate a daily food log with a calorie count and nutritional information, but where BitBite’s USP is that it can help you improve not only what you eat, but how you eat. The built-in microphone …read more

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