Wear Next?

By David Murphy

Fiksu Craig Palli

With the launch of the Apple Watch just over a week away, Craig Pali, chief strategy officer at Fiksu, looks at the potential for wearables as a marketing channel

Wearable computing doesn’t start with the Apple Watch: ask tens of millions of Fitbit users. But Apple Watch is likely to be remembered as a turning point for the entire class of wearables – from watches to glasses to fitness bands and whatever comes next.

As with any new technology, one of the inevitable steps in that evolution is a changing marketing and advertising environment. Will it be just another incremental step in mobile marketing? Or a more radical departure? Let’s take a look.

Consumer impact
Before we dive into potential changes for marketers, it’s worth thinking about the key shifts in consumer behaviour that ubiquitous, powerful wearable computing will bring.
Smartwatches are creating a defining moment for mobile and triggering a cultural shift in behaviour. While mobile phones are incredibly personal devices, watches are even more so: they’re in contact with you at all times, not hidden in a purse or pocket.

They’ll likely increase connectivity even further: in a meeting or at a nice dinner, a glance at or tap on a watch …read more

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