Web Version of WhatsApp May Be On Its Way

By Alex Spencer

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a web version of its OTT messaging service.

The rumours started last week, when Pavel Durov, co-founder of rival messaging app Telegram, told TechCrunch that WhatsApp had tried to hire its web developer.

This has now seemingly been confirmed by AndroidWorld.nl, which unpacked the Android app’s installation files and found references to ‘WhatsApp Web’.

With this service, it seems users are able to be simultaneously logged in on multiple devices. As WhatsApp’s service doesn’t use passwords, access is controlled using a QR code generated in the web browser, which can then be scanned using the app to verify.

According to Android World, the feature doesn’t appear to be ready for a launch in the immediate future, and all references to WhatsApp Web were removed in the 11 December version of the files.

But with all of its major competitors in OTT messaging already offering a web version of their service, it seems unlikely that the feature isn’t on its way.

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Source:: Mobile App News