What Does The Apple Ad Block Mean for Marketers?

By Alex Spencer

Geoff Gower

Is Apple’s decision to enable ad blockers a death knell for mobile marketing? No, says AIS London executive creative director Geoff Gower, but mobile marketers will need to create more engaging content and look to other digital channels.

Apple has increasingly become an aggressively commercial brand, intent on generating revenue from its ecosystem of connected products and channels. So it was something of a surprise when it announced that the forthcoming iOS 9 update will include a feature that allows mobile users to block ads on iPhone and iPad.

The move could be a way for the iPhone manufacturer to demonstrate that it holds user privacy in high regard. However, it is more likely an attempt to weaken its major competitor, Google, which relies heavily on advertising to generate revenue.

Apple’s attempt to diminish Google’s strength puts mobile marketers in the crossfire. With its huge in-hand device numbers and new iOS roll-out, it has the potential to cast a trend that others are forced to follow. So, with this announcement, has Apple severely weakened the mobile marketing space? And if so, what does it mean for mobile marketers?

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