What Facebook’s Instant Articles Mean for Publishers

By Alex Spencer

Felicity Long

Felicity Long, head of digital at global media agency Carat, takes a look at Facebook’s newly-launched Instant Articles product, and the opportunities – and threats – it could hold for publishers.

The publishers that have signed up to Facebook’s Instant Articles are responding to a pre-existing need among consumers.

We know that consumers are relying on just a few trusted websites and recommendations from friends for content discovery because there is now simply too much choice and information available on the internet. Recent data from the Consumer Connection System (CCS) – Carat’s proprietary research and insight tool, surveying 11,000 British consumers and their media habits – shows that 55 per cent of internet users only use two or three trusted sites for their content discovery, instead of surfing the web. 44 per cent of users state that they look at content uploaded by friends at least once a week and 29 per cent of people check posts shared by friends at least once a day.

Millennials in particular rely on friends’ recommendations on social media, with 49 per cent of 15-34 year olds trusting personal recommendations from friends more than ads, and 33 per cent saying that they would visit a site …read more

Source:: Mobile App News