Where Now for the Mobile Operators? – Phunware

By Alex Spencer

Jon Hook

Are the mobile operators in danger of becoming pipes that simply deliver data to our devices. Phunware VP Jon Hook says changing consumer behaviours and a consolidation requires them to invest in content.

When was the last time your mobile network operator (MNO) gave you something unique? When was the last time you did something with your mobile device that would have been impossible without your network?

Chances are that the answer to both questions was never. Right now, MNOs have an identify crisis. What exactly do they do for consumers, other than provide you with a data plan, or perhaps some music tickets from time to time?

Increasingly, the MNOs are just pipes for the big mobile apps and services such as WhatsApp, Spotify and Facebook.

Take the mobile gaming world, for example, which is expected to grow revenues by more than 16 per cent this year in the US alone, according to eMarketer, faster than any other download sector. All that revenue goes to the companies like Supacell, the maker of Clash of Clans, as consumers splash out on in-game items such as gems, in-game power ups or access to restricted levels – not to the mobile operators.

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