Why Verizon Bought AOL: Mobile Content, Video and Identity

By Alex Spencer

Dave Headshot 2014

It was only a matter of time before telecoms got into the ad technology game, argues Dave Hendricks, president of LiveIntent.

This week’s announcement that Verizon would be acquiring AOL for $4.4bn (£2.8bn) was a surprise to many, despite rumors earlier this year that the two companies had been in talks.

After all, Verizon is primarily known as a wireless phone company, AOL is primarily known as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that happens to own some heavyweight publishing assets, such as The Huffington Post and TechCrunch.

At first glance it’s hard to see what the match would be. But scratch just below the surface and you can see how Verizon’s and AOL’s strengths meet at the intersection of ad technology, audience and identity.

With over 125m subscribers, Verizon is regarded as the largest wireless network in the United States. Their FiOS product reaches 6m customers, and with 130m subscription-based customers they have a huge footprint. But what is interesting is what Verizon knows about these customers. They typically have four major pieces of data about all of their subscribers: phone number, terrestrial address, device ID (even for the cable box) and email address.

Meanwhile, AOL is a publisher platform that happens …read more

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