Window Shopping

By Alex Spencer

Donky Paul Putman

With the retail opportunity of Christmas rapidly approaching, Donky CEO Paul Putman shares his personal vision of why the presentation of a brand’s website or app is so important.

A brand’s digital estate, and the screens representing them, are like a window to the consumer. Imagine the most beautiful view you have ever seen out of a window – people will pay thousands to get that perfect view.

As a marketer, you will need to design a product, be it an app or web-based content, that inspires the consumer to connect with you. In retail, preferably that means loosening off some hard earned cash not once, but repeatedly.

Think of all your digital assets like a house, where there are windows that look out to beautiful countryside and windows that look at a brick wall, or the back alley. The more undesirable views that you have in your house, the less likely you would want to live in it, and the same goes for your digital assets.

We all have a few of those windows to our name, but if you want your consumers to live in your branded ‘house’, you can’t really afford to have a window which consumers would not want …read more

Source:: Mobile App News