Wired for Success

By David Murphy

Big Orange Software Paul Jarrett

Paul Jarrett, managing director at Big Orange Software, explains why wireframing your app is crucial

The amount of time your app is in its development stage can depend on a number of factors. Typically we find that it’s the review phase which tends to extend your project’s build time, as this is where the majority of changes are flagged. Have no fear though; this can be prevented from an early stage by envisaging your user’s journey on your platform before you begin its construction.

Fortunately, digital agencies are working with programmes such as Pidoco and POP (Prototype on Paper), which transfer hand sketches into digital format, allowing you to click on buttons and tabs just as you would on your phone. To sum up their main purpose in one sentence, they enable you to get a thorough insight into the overall look and feel of your app, well before it’s built.

This type of software can ensure that your app developer works as efficiently as possible. It can be time intensive for a developer to make changes to an app’s structure once it’s been built, and this is where delays can start to occur. Another good thing about having your designs …read more

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