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By Tim Maytom

Active Ants Google Glass

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The wearables market currently stands at an inflection point. The early promise of Google Glass has faded away since Google stopped production of the current model in January, without any firm word on a follow-up. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch is selling quicker than Apple can produce them, with orders reportedly somewhere around the 2m mark.

But there is one segment of the market where the opposite is true, where smart glasses reign supreme and smart watches are struggling to find traction: the enterprise space.

“Smart watches and activity trackers are by far the biggest part of the wearables market, and they’re much more consumer-focused,” says Nick Spencer, senior practice director at market research firm ABI Research. “But if you look at smaller categories – stuff like smart glasses, clothing or gloves – that’s all enterprise.”

This year, a total 145.4m wearable devices will be shipped, according to statistics from ABI Research, just over a third of which (50.4m) will be to enterprise customers. Take smartwatches out of the equation, …read more

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