Yahoo Adds Flurry’s App ‘Persona’ Targeting to Gemini

By Alex Spencer

Yahoo MessageMe

Yahoo has introduced Flurry’s ‘Persona’ audience groups to the Yahoo Gemini mobile search and native ad marketplace.

There are more than 40 Personas available to advertisers, such as ‘Business Travelers’ or ‘Social Influencers’. Each grouping is based on app usage data collected by Flurry, identifying users by the kinds of app they access most regularly.

The Personas can be used in addition to Yahoo data, first-party CRM data, and third-party data. Yahoo reports that an early test with a global CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brand resulted in a 5-12 point lift for all major brand KPIs.

This launch is the latest result of Yahoo’s $200m-plus acquisition of Flurry last July, following the launch of app publishing and marketing tools which leveraged the company’s technology in February.

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Source:: Mobile App News