Yo 2.0 Adds Photo Messaging to Attempt a Comeback

By Tim Maytom

yo location

Single word messaging app Yo enjoyed a brief but glorious moment in the spotlight back in June 2014, when it stormed to the top of the App Store charts despite only allowing users to send one single word – the eponymous ‘Yo’ – to each other.

Now the app is attempting a comeback by adding the ability to send locations and photos using the app, with a similarly stripped back approach to its existing messaging functionality.

Yo Photos will enable users to send an image to others by using their phones camera function. The app doesn’t allow for any Instagram-style filters of Snapchat-esque text comments, and you don’t get a chance to retake the shot.

Another feature added for Yo 2.0 is the ability to create groups of friends, enabling users to share photos, locations or “Yo”s with multiple people at once.

When the app launched, it was widely mocked by tech insiders for its simplicity and apparent uselessness, but the app proved popular with consumers, becoming the fourth most popular free app in the US for a while.

However, this popularity didn’t last, and the app has largely faded from the public consciousness now. Time will tell if these new functions will …read more

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