YouTube Launching Standalone App for Video Games

By Tim Maytom

YTG Family

Google’s YouTube has announced plans to launch a live-streaming service focused on video gaming and gamers called ‘YouTube Gaming‘ that will include a standalone app for iOS and Android as well as a dedicated website.

The service, which will launch this summer in the US and UK, will act as a competitor to popular live-streaming platform Twitch, which was purchased by Amazon last year for $970m (£624m).

YouTube Gaming will feature dedicated pages for over 25,000 games, collating videos and live-streams about a wide variety of titles. Users will be able to subscribe to channels based on creators and add games to their ‘collection’, providing them with a selection of content based on individual titles, as well as being able to search for videos and being served recommendations based on previous browsing.

The service will also aim to act as a community hub for video game players, and simplify several of the steps involved in live-streaming videos through YouTube’s main app, such as eliminating the need to schedule live events ahead of time, and creating a single unified link that can share all a user’s livestreams. YouTube hasn’t announced if these improvements will also be brought over …read more

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