Zuckerberg at MWC: “Connecting The Next Half of The World is Going to be Very Different”

By Alex Spencer

Zuckerberg being interviewed alongside Internet.org's operator partners

Zuckerberg being interviewed alongside Internet.org’s operator partners

“Connecting the next half of the world is going to be very different to connecting the people who are served by the current infrastructure,” said Mark Zuckerberg, who returned to the stage at Mobile World Congress today for the second year running.

Zuckerberg wasn’t speaking in his capacity as Facebook CEO but rather as the founder of Internet.org. Launched in August 2013, the Internet.org initiative is an attempt to bring internet access to the two-thirds of the world who remain offline.

“We want to help people connect, and when we say that, we mean something a little bit different from the operators,” he said. “We’re not doing the actual digital connecting, but we’re trying to help people connect with each other and share moments of their lives.”

So far, Internet.org’s process in connected new people and even countries has been twofold: improving and building infrastructure with operator partners, and offering free services to encourage adoption.

“What the program basically does is it gives people some basic services that, even if they have never used the internet in their life, they can use – communication and health and jobs and education,” said Zuckerberg. “And that basically serves …read more

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