Sherman Mohr is one of the rare individuals that has the ability to make connections between people who can benefit from each other and the willingness to do so. Sherman has been an extremely valuable connection for me since the time we have met.

Recommended by Jason Moore (Sherman’s business connection) on LinkedIn

Sherman Mohr is the ultimate “walking Rolodex” – fully capable of facilitating introductions that lead to successful new clients. Sherman has such a totally unique ability to inspire the very best in the teams he assembles to complete projects on time and with-in budget. Without a doubt, his acumen for reaching “hard to reach” decision-makers is remarkable. His elite communication skills build trust with powerful talent. Due to my highest respect for his many proficiences, my recommendation for Sherman Mohr would have to be a 19+ .

Recommended by David Cooper (Sherman’s business partner) on LinkedIn

Sherman Mohr is the type of person that everyone likes to have the opportunity to work with. He was referred to me because he is honest, smart, fun to work with, and accomplishing amazing things. Whether you are looking for a company to do business with, a potential employer, or a friend if Sherman is involved you know you are in good company.

Recommended by Smith. Trey (Sherman’s business connection) on LinkedIn

Sherman Mohr’s integrity and the quality of his professional relationships set him far apart from the crowd. He is such a pleasure to work with – always putting the good of the project, company and individuals first. I’ve learned a lot from Sherm, who is dedicated to staying up-to-date and on top of his area of social media expertise. I just can’t say enough good about him!

Recommended by Lisa Chapman (Sherman’s colleague) on LinkedIn

I have known Sherman for over 3 and a half years. In that time, he has gone from customer to friend, and has taught me a lot about marketing, connecting people, and sales. Most of all, Sherman is a genuine “giver” of his time, knowledge, and support.

Recommended by Anna-Vija McClain (Sherman’s business connection) on LinkedIn

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sherman for a few years now. People that are around Sherman joke that he could run for Mayor of Nashville. Sherman is very engaged in the business community, the social scene and definitely knows how to drive traffic to websites. I have also had the pleasure of seeing, first hand, reporting that shows Sherman’s success with his efforts with That’s write, in his spare time he’s the man behind the curtain at

Get to know Sherman. You’ll be glad you did.

Recommended by Cole Evans (Sherman’s client) on LinkedIn

I’ve found Sherman to be a very thoughtful and insightful person who enjoys serving clients and business relationships from a posture of win-win, how can I help attitude. His work on is impressive and commendable. Sherman understands branding, use of media reach and strategic relationships that I can testify has helped with the marketing of my photography company.

Recommended by Kerry Woo (Sherman’s business partner) on LinkedIn

Sherman is one of the good guys..Someone you can trust to have a thoughtful conversation about opportunities with social media ( and any other subject for that matter). He is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic professional who has the power to unite individuals around a single topic. The success of are a testament to his welcoming style and drive for solutions. I have no reservations in urging you to get Sherman on your team.

Recommended by Aimee McCray (Sherman’s business connection) on LinkedIn

Attention to details, on the cutting edge of technology, and master of creativity are just a few descriptive phrases for Sherman Mohr. Always empowered to move things forward, increase productivity and increase revenue! Definitely a leader that makes things happen.

Recommended by Shelia Woodall (Sherman’s business connection) on LinkedIn

Sherman is an outstanding thought leader and expert in IT. He is very creative and sees the big picture, as well has having a solid grasp of the technical details. That’s a rare and great combination in IT!

Recommended by Scott T. Massey (Sherman’s client) on LinkedIn

What a visionary… Sherman is not afraid to reach out and risk… and this is the core ingredient of those who succeed… Follow and watch him soar… Partner and fly with him…

Recommended by Mark Bortz (Sherman’s business connection) on LinkedIn

Sherman Mohr is full or creative, innovative ideas! I highly recommend him!

Recommended by Teresa N. Miller (Sherman’s client) on LinkedIn

Sherman is a terrific leader. He has the ability to motivate and engage people with diverse backgrounds and experience. And he’s just a really great guy also!

Recommended by Gerri Detweiler (Sherman’s colleague) on LinkedIn

I worked with Sherman when I was at Credit Depot and he was with Family Financial. He has the highest integrity and work ethic. He takes a real interest in his clients. It was always a pleasure to work with him. I am excited to find him again.

Recommended by Richard Smith (Sherman’s client) on LinkedIn

I reported directly to Sherman Mohr on a daily basis. Mr. Mohr’s professionalism and hands on approach to employee communication and development made me much more effective in my job and enjoyable on a personal level. I look forward to my continuing relationship and personal development under Mr. Mohr’s direction

Recommended by Davyd Cohen (Sherman’s colleague) on LinkedIn